The B$*@#H is Back (for a week)

No Ghandi wisdom in this post. No hidden message or life lesson. Let’s face it, I’m really in no position to give anyone advice on life. The only position I’m in is to take things as they come–good, bad, ugly or funny. This upcoming week life is giving me time with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Welcome home for, Shannon Keith. You’ve been missed.

Photo on 2012-06-15 at
Shannon Keith, “I  feel like you can’t judge someone based on their appearance if you’re wearing a wolf sweater.”

*via facebook*
Shannon Keith, “But you see the problem is I don’t have chips. Just salsa. I can’t think of anything more useless than a jar of salsa.”

Also, she was just accepted to the University of Missouri’s Nursing School. I can already hear her future patients laughing.


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