Truth is the Best Policy

Honesty is a virtue; truth is beyond explanation. And true never ceases to be.. I can chose not to be honest with myself, my parents, my friends. The opposite of honesty is lying. Truth has no opposite, it just is. People work their whole lives to seek out the Truth and grow into it. Recently, I had to take a re-evaluation of myself and ask, “Do I want to know the Truth?”  I’m still unsure, but things are becoming clearer day by day. :

imgres“Truth was much more than mere honesty, for it includes love and forgiveness, and the use of these in my life freed me from the fear of insult and change.”
–Mahatma Ghandi

That is a quote from “Great Soul”, a book following him along his journey to find the truth and use it  as a non-violent defense.

However inspiring that quote may be, it isn’t  exactly a knee slapper. So I have one of those too, that just so happens to be a small part of the Truth I am seeking.

Sarah M, “
It’s like being on drugs, but sober.”




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