Throwback Sunday?

My life appears to be at a crossroad. I can pick a job, a school, a new life. Sometimes, I feel like a diabetic child in a candy store. It’s almost too much. I’d rather not decide at all. If I could hide away in my room with music, my journal, art supplies and Diet Dr. Pepper forever, then I would. But sadly, that isn’t exactly a productive plan. And that’s what I need now more than ever as I stand at this crossroad. I need some kind of plan. Naturally I turned to wikiHow which taught me that  the secret to happiness involved 11 easy steps:
1. Optimism
2. Follow your gut
3. Make enough money to meet basic needs
4. Treat your body like it deserves to be happy
5. Stay close to friends and family
6. Be compassionate
7. Have meaningful conversations
8. Find happiness with your current job
9. Smile
10. Forgive
11. Make friends.

These are all exceptional stepping stones toward happiness. However, what about maintaing a sense of humor in gloom circumstances? The power of laughter? I might just have to write Wikianswers a letter.

11. Always prepare for church camp:

Chris Barth, “We should tear it up tonight.”
Sam Peterson, “I can’t. I have church camp this weekend.” 

12. Never miss an opportunity to laugh



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