Wrap It Up

A decided a few days ago that more than anything, I’m searching for a clean slate, a fresh start. Since I’ve relocated home to Kansas City, I’ve started a new and different chapter of my life. Typically, I wait till May or June when the “school year” is over to tally and post the QOTD list. But my life is no longer being dictated by a school schedule. I’m kind of on my own, and I think tallying things up early will…probably do absolutely nothing to help me but it gave me something to do on a snow day, and its a new beginning. A new list.

But before starting a new list, I have to recognize the winners:

5th Place:


Bathany Kaylor

“Knowing all the words to Kanye makes me feel really cool…then I think ‘what am I saying?'”

4th Place

Tiernan Eiberger

Tiernan Eiberger

Me, “Well what’s your favorite meal of the day?”
“Uh….snack time.”

3rd Place

Paige Pendell

Paige Pendell

“I think you have bad depth perception that’s why you’re a bad driver.”

2nd Place

Papa Griffith

Papa Griffith

Me, “Why are you killing me dreams right now?”
“I’m a dream killer. That’s what I do.”

1st Place

Josh Goodson

Josh Goodson

Me, “Do you have a gun?”
“No but I have a knife. It’s pretty big.”

I have mixed feelings about closing this list and where it leaves me. Without going to school for the first time since whenever kindergarten was (somewhere around 1997), I find myself smack dab in the middle of reality; thankfully, my reality is weird limbo between “the real world” and “instability”. That sounds strange, but it’s the truth. egardless, as always, QOTD make my day–no matter, who, what or where. No matter what the hell life throws at me, I’m not losing my laughter.

To see the full list: click here


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