Non-Related Snow Day Post

It snowed (that’s all I’m going to say, just f’ing look outside or turn on your tv).. But my quote had nothing to do with the accumulating of what will soon be slush.
So, moving on.

However, as a result of the significant amount of snow, I got to spend alllllllllllllll day with this super cool kid (the attractive one on the right).

IMG_2145I love getting to know people. Everyone’s so different and unique and I’m fascinated by that. People’s little quirks or the “goofy/weird stuff’ about them are the best things to learn about someone. Like ya know, I put peanut butter on my pancakes and can go weeks without washing a pair of jeans. Today, I  learned about my significant other:

QOTD 2.21.13
Josh Goodson, “I really enjoy just sitting under made blankets. It feels so nice.”

Some people can sleep in a mess, others need their ducks all in a row. We’re all people just the same.


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