Hey a-hole, read me

Well folks, I spoke too soon. Or typed too soon. Either way, I’ll be a sun-of-gun, somewhere between the hours of 7 and 8 o’clock this evening, a 46 year old man made me chuckle. However, due the circumstances under which we met, I’m going to refer to him as “Joe Schmoe.”

In telling bits of his life, where he came from and his past (which in itself was interesting), Joe Schmoe talked about his multiple ex-wives. In reflection, he made the comment:

QOTD 2.19.13
Joe Schmoe, 
“It’s a choice to be an asshole or not, and sometime I think its fun being an asshole.”

My reaction to his comment was very strange. Immediately, I thought to myself–“Me too! It’s tiring be polite and nicey-nice all the time.” And then when I looked around the room, I saw multiple people nodding, laughing in amusement; it was the type of laughter that only comes when one person truly understands another.

Again, because of the circumstances he and I met, I do not have a picture of Joe Schmoe. However, my boyfriend and I found an appropriate quotation to end the blog post with.




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