Spotlight: Abbey Barrow, all around awesome

Despite the constant sunshine, today was a dreary day for Steph. So far, the only good thing about it is the fact that the strawberry muffins I made are pretty much the bomb. But, in all honesty, its been a bleek day, you know. I have yet to have a QOTD for today and even though the day is not done, I do not foresee anything humorous in my immediate future. So, I thought it would be fun to bring back “Past Winner Wednesday”. Plus, I’ve wanted to write about this girl for awhile now. Abbey Barrow placed 4th with six quotes last year.


Not to give a long history, but basically Abbey lived across from me and trudged through J54 with me. I really got to know her especially our freshman year. It saddens me because she isn’t just right across the hall anymore  (literally we’re in different states). No one is as clever, as kind, as thoughtful and brutally honest as Miss Abbey Barrow. If you don’t know her Drake kids, then get to know her.

Annelise Tarnowski, “Babbers, you want a shot?”
Abbey Barrow, “Of..milk? To go with my peanut butter cup.”

*discussing what it means to be an English major*
Abbey Barrow, “I’m not a grammar major. I study literature.”

Me, “Is it appropriate for me to rest my feet up here.”
Abbey Barrow, “Well, there is a chance God might smite you.”

Oh did I also mention that Babbers had a knack for always making me laugh, and I just have this feeling that if she were here now, then I’d have a QOTD, However, instead of fresh blood, I got to visit old winner and got the chance to reminisce of the goods times with good people


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