Three(3) Is Not the Loneliest Number I’ve Ever Known

This is mind-blogging (<<ha get it?).

Or maybe, it’s just the universe smiling at me as stupid as that sounds. During this process I’m in they call “recovery”, I’ve given a lot a thought about to who is my higher power. Still working on that one, but my point is: thank God, Allah, Buddha, Oz, or whoever is pulling the strings above is for giving me three quotes in one day, you know that’s a good day. And in this process they call “recovery”, I’ve learned to appreciate and cherish the good  days with good people.

BCjwbTCCEAALE_mSince I spent the majority of the day with the kid on the left with the cute, goofy smile. He had two of the three QOTDS, starting as early as 8 o’clock in the morning.

QOTD 2.17.13
Josh Goodson, “Shoebox money. Best way to bank.”

*while driving a brand new man truck I can’t remember the make/ model/ horsepower of
Josh Goodson,  “This is when my dad would say–sit down and ride.

However, the final quote of the day came from this guy>>>>
One thing to know about Tim aka Papa Griffith is that he is the king of random bits of knowledge. As he says, “If you ever want to know a worthless fact, ask me.”
My dad gets on these kicks when he reads an article he finds particularly interesting. There’s s a  50/50 % chance I’ll be intrigued. This time, he just happened to hit the jack pot.
I strongly recommend you to read Joe Brinkley’s account of his visit to Vietnam and the practices he learned while he was there.:here 

QOTD 2.17.13
Mama Griffith, “Sammie, there’s some poor dog in Kansas City who would love that beef.”
Papa Griffith, “Yeah and there’s a lot of dogs in Vietnam on a plate.”


Sorry for the long post, guys. This was a miracle, a lucky penny or whatever. I had at least three good laughs today. I know my doctor’s disagree with me and still hand me prescription after prescription but laughter really is the best medicine,


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