Like Mother, Like Daughter


Pawleys Island, South Carolina summer 2011

Pawleys Island, South Carolina summer 2011

QOTD 2.15.13
*looking at our kitchen*
Mama Griffith, “It’s like a bar in here.”

More and more often I hear, “You look so much like your mother.” “Its really obvious you’re mother and daughter.” ‘Every day you look more and more like her.”  Honestly, I don’t always see it, but my mom was a babe when she was younger and totally a MILF now, so I take it as a compliment.

Anyway, despite the similarities in appearances our personalities can really only be classified as opposite. There’s no reason to go into much detail about those personality differences because they don’t really matter. I still love the crap out of my mother.

And I may not be as fierce as her or as strong or organized or clever or as good of a cook or as a beautiful, but goddamn it my wits just as quit.  Mom and I never let anything slide by us. Our sarcasm is perfected, on spot and what I love most  (especially about my mother)–so effortless.

My senior year of high school, I was vote Most Sarcastic by my peers (it was actually one of my proudest moments from those days). Had those Senior Superlatives been the Oscars, my winning speech would have gone somewhere along the lines of:

“Well, this is surprising. Who the hell else would you guys have voted for? Thanks, and I hope about 70% of you fail in life.”**

Then, of course, I would thank my mother and father and all the dumbasses I’ve met along the way who helped me to become the sarcastic brat I am today.


**just kidding***



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