VDay Throwback

In looking through my past QOTDs, I realized I never had a quote on the actual day where love is supposedly in the air, chocolate, flowers, resentment and a little bit of bitterness for some. This year I’m lucky enough to have a couple valentines. Of course, my dog is one of them,

Anyway, today (so far) also remains quote-less, just like all the others. So, I decided to keep this post Vday un-related, but still wanted to dedicate the post to someone near and dear to my heart. The lucky recipient is one of the first friends I made at Drake my freshmen year. She’s currently furthering her education in life while studying abroad in Senegal. In fact, I recommend following her twitter account: here.

The one, the only Nora Sullivan

425572_1574677688265_1275240415_31393063_787185572_nShe is an ultimate frisbee beast, chill as fuck, jet-setter, world-changer, the best listener and one of the biggest weirdos I’ve ever met.

Nora Sullivan, “I like to pee in natural places.”

*drinking Boone’s Farm*
Nora Sullivan, “It is what it is….right?”

Nora Sullivan, “I always get turned around in Meredith.”
Me, “And you always get turned around in Olmsted.”
Nora Sullivan, “Don’t even get me started on FAC.”


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