Learning to Pick Daisies

Once again, Throwback Thursday rolls around, and I’m forced to partake in the stupid social media phenomena (<<for real) because my real life seems to be lacking in the laughter. Last Thursday evening I found myself in the same predicament at the apartment, and Paige then inadvertently inspired me to write. Conveniently the subject was her (see last week’s TBT). This week, I wanted to include more people, even if most people don’t actually read this on Thursday, and probably a lot of people don’t read it at all. But I gotta try. It’s time I try.

Honestly, I’ve spent more time lying in bed with the dog then interacting with the world for these past couple of weeks. It’s hard a thing getting up everyday, and I applaud every single person brave enough to do it. Maybe I lack courage, but for a year and a half I was surrounded with the bravest women I’ve ever met. Those that’s who decided was worthy of this week’s spotlight. The fine women of Delta Gamma–smart, sexy and hilarious.



Jessica Anderson, “Doesn’t count if it’s a farm animal hazing you.”  IMG_0523



Annelise Tarnowski, “I never feel the need to drink. It’s just something to do–like bowling.:”

.” IMG_1688

Frankie Bramhall, “Out of all the people, who could pull that haircut off, she’s the least likely.” 578086_10150983226451632_548281631_13314847_223814873_n

Carly Riedl, “I missed the struggle bus.”


Kelcy Smith, “I’m not shy. I’m juststrange.”

Of course, these are just a few of the many chuckles my Delta Gamma sisters have blessed me with. I think that’s been the toughest part about leaving Drake. But every last one of girl from this year’s new initiaties to alums: I still consider myself your sister and hopefully, you consider me the same. I’m grateful for all the support I received from DG. Even when there were times when DG and I were at odds, it was always a place to call home. Which reminds me–this isn’t a goodbye message. It’s more of a “see you later”. 

Some of you I will be fortunate enough to see again in person. Others I’ll see on the covers of magazines, their names under big headlines and probably the first female president. But regardless, I am here for you. No matter where my adventures take me or where your advenutures take you:

You will always be my sister, you will always be my friend. Whatever struggles come between us, I’ll love you till the end. You won’t always be here with me, there’ll be a time when you must go. But Delta Gamma lives forever, an her heart your love show.

I’m learning to pick daisies again, guys. I miss you all, and will see you when life brings us back together again.

(P.S. I’ve added a Hot Damn Delta Gam page that will hopefully have a full list of DG’s with QOTDs. Should be up soon!)


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