A Little Post About My Little Dog

It was inevitable.
Ever since Sammie entered our lives five years ago, that eight-pound shih tzu became the pride and joy of the household. It’s a classic example of dog training master. Train us well, she did,

Don’t let the picture fool you–she’s one pyscho puppy.  A very cute pyscho puppy, but crazy nonetheless. She gets hand-cut up chicken three times a day. She gets a treat for just going on a car ride. My father treats her to Sonic junior burgers (plain, of course). And there are two spots on the couch that Sammie has claimed.

As the mute (yet not quiet) one of the Griffith family, Sammie doesn’t get QOTD. She just gets mentioned in them.

QOTD 2.5.13
Mama Griffith
, “That’s why Sammie’s so weird. Its all that inbreeding.”

This might be true. She’s a weird one. But check out any social media my mother, sister or I have and you’ll have an update of Sammie’s life at your finger tips.


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