Glitter it Up

I did not inherit the Picasso gene. The last art class I took was in the 8th grade. A friend “helped” me out on some assignments and I still only got a B-. Basically, i never thought craft time would be anything to look forward.

Something changed these past few months; it may be a side effect of writer’s block or a complete revamp, but I rediscovered the power of art. Of colored pencils, of paint, of sharpie, of oil pastels, of no right or wrong. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned about doing art as an adult–there’s no such thing as coloring inside the lines.

QOTD 2.1.13

Josh Goodson “Do you have any glitter?”
Me, “No..”
Josh Goodson, “Night ruined.”

Man’s got a point. Color outside the lines, mix the together the red and yellow, don’t forget the glitter and have a chuckle on the way.


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