Throwback Thursday: BFF Edition

As Paige does the dishes (she’s the “adult” between us), I watch Bob’s Burgers with the dog and her brother. It’s another chill night at the apartment. That’s when I realized what an opportunity I’m missing by not dedicating a post to my best friend. Last week, I took the final steps of the “taking a semester off” process and moved my belongings out of my dorm at Drake. Not an easy thing to do. Pretty big bitter pill to swallow. Giving up her Friday, Paige made the drive up to Des Moines, helped move me out, waited while I said goodbye to folks and took the wheel on the drive home. That’s a hell of a friend. Of course, Paige is already featured in “Past Champions” but here’s a couple of my personal favorites:

Paige Pendell, “You’ve inspired me to write.”
Me, “Yeah, I’ve always found writing to be cathartic.”
Paige Pendell, “Yeah, okay…I don’t know what that means.”

*via skype*
Me, “Paige, you’re smart.”
Paige Pendell, “Ehhh…”

2.11.12Paige Pendell, “You are my social media life.”
Me, “Awwww.”
Paige Pendell, “That wasn’t meant to be cute!”


Paige Pendell, “You guys are like a bunch of squirrels running around.”
Me, “This is real high school shit, Paige. This is like One Tree Hill.”
Paige Pendell, “Exactly. Squirrels.”

Gotta love her.


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