Words of Wisdom from Papa Griff

Anyone who’s known me since I’ve started recording Quote of the Day’s knows that my father always manages to make the list. At 62, my father’s lived a lot, seen a lot, been through some shit. He’s still here, though. Papa Griff might be a little stubborn and set in his ways, but he doesn’t turn his back on humanity. We’ve always shared a couple of core beliefs–power in the written word and finding pleasure in the little moments of life.

In one of those little moments during a commercial break of the Baltimore-New England game last night, I found this little tidbit:

QOTD 1/20/13IMG_0423
Papa, “I’m not real judgemental of folks but…I don’t like dipshits.” 




I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb for life:
be open-minded to people.
Don’t tolerate bullshit. Thanks Papa Griff.


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