Make New Friends and Never Forget the Old

Personally, I like to live my life by childhood nursery rhymes. So I’m down with the whole, “make new friends, but keep the old” business. My freshmen year of college, I went to school in a different state where I didn’t know a single person. Making new friends is an inevitable passage of life; it keeps things interesting. New friends open up new doors. But, there’s something to be said about the value of the old ones.

I’m always reminded of this after I’ve been away awhile. Des Moines may have started to feel normal but Kansas City still feels like home. Taking a look back at the blog this semester, I realized there weren’t as many posts, as many quotes that were new. Not nearly enough. So maybe I needed a break from normal, needed to come home.

I’m reminded of the people here who I’ve let drift into the backdrop of my life,
of the friendships I formed when I was completely different person that somehow remain intact and of why I started documenting quote of the days in the first place.

To name a few:

QOTD 12/18/12

Josh Goodson, “Honestly in my entire life, I’ve never had the desire to sing about penguins.”

QOTD 12/19/12

Shannon Keith, “People don’t use their noggins.”


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