Throwback Thursday: Roommate Edition

With finals week coming to a close, I started to look back on this semester. In all honesty, there seemed to be more downs than ups. As the people who must deal with my disorganization, messiness  and my overall insanity constantly, my roommates definitely deserve the spotlight.


I’ll try my best not to sound too cliche but sometimes the cliche way is the best way to say something. And I’ll say it–these three girls are truly more than friends, they are sisters. We have laughed together and cried together. We are there for each other in times of success or in my case, in times of struggle. They are three of the most remarkable women I know. They’re my champions when I can’t be my own and my rock when I need a place to rest from this crazy world.

People sometimes say that joining a sorority is just buying friends, but I think they’re wrong. It took me a while to realize it but I know no amount of dues could buy me a Riley or a Suze or an Annelise because these girls are priceless.

And funny as hell.

The Suze, “I start shit…and I finish it. Quote me on that.”

Annelise, “Never wear jeans to Perkins…just sayin.”

Me, “Wait so you’ve never skipped a class in college?”
RiRi Braids, “Well I slept through a class once but it ended up being cancelled, so I just felt like Jesus that day.”


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