More Weather Denial QOTD 12/12/12

Me, “Is it supposed to be cold tomorrow?”
Tony Harding, “It’s December.”

I suppose this Kansas City girl is still in denial about what the next few months has in store for me. It’s no use trying to time when I fill up my gas with a warm day. Those days are (most likely) over. No more “light jacket” kind of days and no more saying, “That wind feels good!” Today was a rude awakening.

Well, yesterday’s brief snowfall served as the wake up call. Today’s wind chill was the second call that rather rudely awoke me. My response was to don sweats and hide out in as many warm places as possible. It worked well till I had to leave the computer lab to walk to my car. On the way to my boyfriends, I noticed my gas tank needle dancing toward E. I thought to myself–“It’s way too cold to stop now!”

And as Tony reminded me, it’s going to be “too cold” to stop for a while. So I better get used to it.


One thought on “More Weather Denial QOTD 12/12/12

  1. I’m just quoting someone else and she says “If you haven’t been quoted, then you probably haven’t said anything worth repeating”-Nicole Blackman

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