Here comes the Iowa winter–QOTD 11/12/12

Annelise Tarnowski, “This jacket makes me sweat. I love this motherfucker.”

Spotty internet services prevented me from blogging this when it actually happened Sunday, but I’m happy to report my connection is once again strong, so I can share this with you:

My roommate finally shed some laughter on the otherwise bleak situation that is the current Iowa weather. With Thanksgiving only a week away (holy smokes!), December lurks around the corner; in December the average temperature is 12.7 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets only worse from there according to—the average temperature drops in January to 11.7 degrees Fahrenheit. When coming to school in Iowa, a whole section of your visit should be dedicated to how to survive the winters. No one told me that Iowa averaged around 32 inches of snowfall per season.

The first tip in freshmen orientation should be: “Do you have a jacket that makes you sweat? If not, invest in one.”


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