why must we shave–QOTD 10/21/12.

“Do you think it’s time I shave my legs?” 
Hannah Grimm, “Eh. I don’t even know where my razor is.’

Amen to that, sister (DG sister that is). My mother’s least favorite quality of me is probably the fact that I know where my razor is, I just don’t always use it. Not to get too personal, but I have really light hair, so it’s not that big of a deal. Really. Did a little hair on the legs bother anyone who wasn’t an Olympic athlete? Does it really harm anyone? Well, yeah it harms me when my legs become riddled with band-aids from awkward angles, cramped communal showers and the general not-funness of having to shave one’s legs.

I’m not advocating we forego every societal norm of hygiene that involves a razor, BUT let the leg hair grow a little ladies. It’s not going to kill you. Just look at me and HGrimm–we turned out fine.


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