QOTD 10/14/12

Me, “I’m a server.”
Tiernan Eiberger, 
“So am I.”
Me, “What? Where?”
Tiernan Eiberger, “I serve the Lord!”

The flu prevented any serious blogging to take place over fall break. But it didn’t prevent a few laughs. After being declared fever-free on Sunday evening, I emerged from my reclusiveness to go celebrate an early birthday with a few close friends at a local burger joint, Blanc Burger (yum to the extreme). After dinner, my good friend Tiernan pointed out that I tipped very generously and the quote above followed.

Not only does this quote demonstrate the ridicule and randomness of Tiernan’s humor but also says a lot about me for finding it funny. I had not thought about the fact that a person’s sense of humor can reflect so deeply their personal beliefs. Obviously, I laughed at a joke made about the “Lord” and deemed it worthy of QOTD. Someone who is a devote Catholic, Christian, etc. may not find Tiernan’s joke as funny as me and the rest of my friends did. When you laugh, you do more than just admit something’s funny; you admit parts of yourself, too.


He serves the Lord, folks.


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