Past Winner Wednesday

I hate to say life’s been too hectic to get a good, memorable laugh in but so far this week that seems to be the case. So I decided to dedicate this blog post to past winners (not just first place, see past champions for those guys).

This week’s past winner is from my senior year of high school. He’s a very good friend of mine that I met while attending University of Iowa’s Young Writer’s Studio a few summers ago. Since Tyler lives in the good ole town of Blissfield, Michigan, we don’t really “hang out” a lot. But we e-mail, keep up via Facebook and most importantly, skype. I love skype. It allowed me to keep this friendship that distance would’ve made hard to keep otherwise. Plus, Tyler’s a funny guy.


He managed to take fourth place with twelve quotes–all via Skype. Here are a few examples:

*via skype*
Me, “Tyler, were you watching porn while talking to me?”
Tyler Babbit, “How awkward would that be?”

*via skype*
Tyler Babbit, “I think he’s really, really, really feminine. More feminine than you.”

*via skype*
Me, “You’re like the representative of male heterosexuality in our group now.”
Tyler Babbit, “I know. It’s a lot of pressure. What if I crack?”


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