QOTD 9/27

Kelcy Smith, “I’m not shy. I’m just strange.”

As a DG sister and friend, in the time I’ve gotten to know Kelcy, I would have to say this statement is completely accurate. Naturally, the strange ones become my closest of friends. It’s important to have friends like that in your life, I think. Being odd or weird isn’t always as “cool” as the hipsters make it out to be. Yes, I’m talking to you Michael Cera and Zooey Deschanel. Sometimes, being strange sucks. I remember many a times feeling as if I lived on the outskirts of normality, middle school in particular rings a bell. Now, like Kelcy, I’m a bit more adapted to and accepting of my oddities. The best thing to compare it to would be a sort of transcending experience–I couldn’t give two shits if anyone thinks I’m strange. I don’t think Kelcy in particular does either:

Since this is Thursday, I’m going to also add a Throwback Thursday Quote of the Day that is un-dateable and goes with the theme of this blog post:
Papa Griffith, “F@^k ’em if they can’t take a joke.”


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