QOTD 9/18/12

Emily Gutknecht, “What class are you going to?”
Me, “Media and Ethics.”
Emily Gutknecht, “I hate ethics. I mean, I’m ethical, I just don’t like talking about it.”

Skyping with Mama Griffith earlier this afternoon, she asked me about the blog and quote of the days. “What happened to your blog?” Her question made me realize that it’s been quite a few days since I’ve recorded a QOTD; a few long, rough days without laughter, apparently. Or at least memorable laughter. So, I decided that today I would have my ears on QOTD high-alert. It took about one hour till my friend from sociology last year had me laughing outside my #J66 class.

This quote made the cut because not only does it sound like a line straight from an indie film made big like Juno, but it also made me laugh at the brute honesty of it. The school of journalism requires me as a magazines major to take the course, JMC 066 or, Media Responsibility. While I understand the necessity of the lecture class, one can only discuss ethics, twice a week for an hour and a half, for so long.

Honestly, a bland life without QOTDs  is almost, but not quite as bad, as an ethic-less journalist.


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