Throwback QOTD from 11/14/08

“Oh my god, look how much I have to read—and this is the SparkNotes version. Think how much it would be if I actually read the book.”
–Tessa Canon

This Throwback Thursday quote features an old high school friend and fellow ex co-editor of the South Paw Yearbook, Tessa Canon. In true hip, art student Tessa also manages a blog<<< that I encourage all those interested in art and design to check out. She’s pretty BA and funny, too. The thing I adore most about Tessa is her quirky comments on the simple facts of life. She doesn’t like to make things complicated, and during the day and age of viral drama, I appreciated that about her.

While I find this quote hilarious (potentially so will others my age), I can foresee some teachers who might be offended by Tessa’s admission to reading SparkNotes instead of the actual book. As I said, Tessa commented on one of the simple truths in life. I found SparkNotes in every single English class throughout middle and high school (I, myself, am even guilty). It’s a fact teachers, one that I’ve moved past in college but I can still recall those times when I had no idea what Joseph Conrad was saying.

For those who are curious,

Tessa graduated a year ahead of me at South and spent two years at Mizzou studying graphic degin and advertisements. Now, she’s converted to the art school way of life at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she also studies graphic design. Honestly, check out her blog. She’s a beast with a quick wit.


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