QOTD Sept. 9th

Me,“What was your costume?”
Riley Brady, “I didn’t have a costume, so I just wore my clothes and told everyone I was a hipster.”

This is a perfect example of why I love living with my roommates. Riley, without a doubt, embodies the “hipster” persona better than most people I know. More importantly, she manages to do so without being a giant a-hole (here’s a detailed definition of a hipster).

My roommates and I belong to the same social sorority, Delta Gamma, and today was Bid Day where we met all the new members from recruitment this past weekend. Since I worked on the kitchen crew during recruitment, I did not get a chance like the others to meet potential new members. Today was my day to  begin to get to know (and at least start to recognize) my 33 new sisters. Well, I don’t spell check things a lot and apparently fail at reading medicine bottles–instead of taking one medicine, I took my sleep-aid instead. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Goodbye Bid Day, hello bed.

After three tearful phone calls, I finally gave in to the grogginess overcoming me and slept till my roomies returned around   6 o’clock. Still bummed about missing today, I lazily walked in to join the chatter. Soon the topic jumped to Halloween and the usual party hosted by the frat TKE. This moment Riley decided to unleash her secret from last year–“I just wore my clothes and told everyone I was a hipster.” Just like the texting slang lol, I laughed out loud.

It did not make me feel 100% better about missing what I did, but even just smiling and laughing with my friends made the current moment, a little bit better.


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